Summer Intensive Swim Lessons

Did other activities take over your family’s schedule during the school year? Or does your child have that ONE skill they really want to master? Maybe, you’re just looking to give them a little confidence boost before you head to the cottage?

Whether you’re looking to get ahead or catch up, the Aqua Life Swim Academy is here to help your child reach their summer swim goals!

Why Summer Intensive Swim Lessons?

One summer, we had a new family join us for swim lessons. After a couple of weeks, the mom told me her daughter had learned more with us over two weeks of intensive lessons than she had in TWO YEARS of private lessons elsewhere. And honestly, we hear that a lot.

There’s lots of reasons intensive lessons are ideal for so many families.

For starters, daily lessons make it easier to pick up where you left off in your last class. Rather than trying to remember what they learned a week ago, material and techniques stay fresh in the student’s mind (and muscles!).

The frequency of our intensive swim lessons also helps to build stronger relationships between the instructor and the student. Seeing each other everyday for a week helps them to connect and establish trust, which ultimately makes for better learning.

And, a lot of parents have told us it’s a great way to get the family out of the house during the summer. Imagine it: get up and get everyone moving, hit the pool for your lesson, and then you have the rest of the day ahead of you. Plus, it’s a great way to burn off some of your kid’s pent up summer energy!

We also have the best offer we’ve ever had on lessons for a limited time only.

50% OFF your second week of summer intensive swim lessons when you register between May 1 and May 10, 2017.

Summer Intensive Swim Lessons look like this:

  • Daily 30 minutes lesson, from Monday to Thursday
  • Run on a flexible schedule, with daytime lessons at the Brookstreet Hotel in Kanata and evening lessons at the Best Western Plus in Nepean
  • Any two weeks in July & August – no need to be consecutive (build it around your vacation)
  • For kids & adults!

Have two kids? Or want to hop in the water yourself? No problem – feel free to divide your lessons between your family members however you see fit!

One week: Two weeks (after May 10): Two weeks (May 1-10): Four weeks (May 1-10):
Semi Private / Swim 101/201/301 $109+hst $218+hst $163.50+hst

(Save $54.50)


(Save $109)

Private $189+hst $378+hst $283.50+hst

(Save $94.50)


(Save $189)


Offer valid between May 1 – 10, 2017.

Lessons must be scheduled at time of purchase.

Do you want to learn more about summer intensive lessons? Or, are you interested in registering? Drop us a line or give us a call!

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5 Kids Who Need Swim Lessons

Over the years, we’ve noticed that there are FIVE types of kids who really need swim lessons. Let us take you through them and tell you why and how they benefit from lessons.

1. The Non-Swimmer

There are two variations on this child. First, there’s the kid who’s afraid of the water. Some children are naturally cautious or maybe they’ve had a scary experience at the pool in the past and haven’t been able to move past it. Whatever the reason, this child will benefit from lessons in a calm environment with an instructor who takes the time to build their trust.

Second, there’s the kid who doesn’t even realize they can’t swim! Maybe they run and jump into the pool without even realizing they don’t know what to do once they’re in. They are FEARLESS – but a healthy respect for the water is important. This non-swimmer needs a swim instructor who can meet them at their energy level and teach them how to stay safe in the water.

2. The Sensitive Child

It takes time and practice to get used to the sensation of being in the water – it’s not something we’re born with. This child is sensitive to water on their face and in their ears, nose and mouth. They’re comfortable getting in the water, but don’t really enjoy it because of the discomfort they feel when they’re submerged. The Sensitive Child needs an instructor who will teach them how to master submersion at their own pace and show them the joy of swimming!

3. The Doggy Paddler

The Doggy Paddler can do one thing in the water, and one thing only. They can make their way around, but haven’t learned proper technique in the water. Maybe they’ve never been in lessons or their swim lessons in the past didn’t suit their learning style. Either way, this child will benefit from a hands-on approach to teaching, with swim skills and swim strokes broken down into accessible and realistic steps for them.

4. The Front Breather

This child can make their way through the water, but doesn’t yet have the proper technique to do it efficiently! When they lift their face to breathe in the front – rather than on the side – they sacrifice their body position and rhythm. Much like The Doggy Paddler, they need a swim instructor who can break down their swim strokes for them and help build muscle memory with hands-on teaching.

5. Mom & Dad’s “Real Fish”

This child is also known as The Underwater Swimmer. They can swim a straight distance underwater and usually kick off from the wall. While it might appear that they’ve mastered several important swim skills, the issue is that they are limited in the water by the distance they can swim (and propel themselves)! The “Real Fish” will benefit from swim lessons that teach them how to translate their raw energy in the water into safe, technical swim skills. Then, there will be no telling how far they’ll go!

Do any of these sound familiar? Or, did we miss anyone? Let us know in the comments. We’d also love to connect with you on Facebook and Twitter. Happy swimming!

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ALSA’s Pool Safety Tour

As adults, we know all too well that there are lots of hazards around the pool. But what about your kids? They’re in swim lessons and you’ve been helping them with their swim skills, but do they know how to spot hazards around the pool?

Many people head off on vacation with their kids around this time of year. Join the Aqua Life kids as they take you on a pool safety tour!

1. No diving!

Most of the pools you will encounter on vacation are NOT deep enough to dive into safely. You’ll often see signs that say ‘No Diving’ – but even without, it’s best to check with a lifeguard or avoid diving altogether if you’re unsure. Diving into a pool that’s too shallow is an easy way to hurt your face, neck or back.

2. Beware the drop off.

Before you get in the pool, you should know where the drop off from the shallow to the deep end is. Especially with shorter children or weak swimmers, it’s easy for the drop off to sneak up on them, especially if it’s steep. Know where it is, don’t let it surprise you!

3. Water on the deck.

This one’s obvious, but still super important! When you’re on the pool deck, always walk! Don’t run. It’s way too easy to slip and hurt yourself on deck furniture or the diving board. You also never want to slip into the pool when you’re not expecting to!

4. Toys in the water.

Many people don’t realize this, but leaving toys in and around the pool area can be a major hazard. Whether left in the water or on the deck, they can be a draw for small children or animals who might not realize how dangerous the water is. Plus, they’re a big tripping hazard if left lying around on the deck. Make sure you put away all your toys when you’re done at the pool!

5. Drains

Make sure your children know not to play with the drains in the pool. Most pools nowadays are equipped with them to keep the water clean and they ARE designed to be safe. Still, children should always steer clear and ask an adult if one of their toys gets sucked in. After all, it’s better safe than sorry!

6. Chemicals.

One of the realities of swimming pools today is that they require many harsh chemicals to keep them clean. While these are safe for us when we’re in the water, in their concentrated forms they can be dangerous. Whether you’re at a public pool, the resort or a friend’s pool party, stay away from the chemical room or any tubs of chemicals that might be around.

7. Glass around the pool.

When you’re looking for a cup to bring onto the pool deck, always choose plastic over glass. It might not seem like that big of a deal, but if your glass breaks on deck or into the pool it creates an EXTREME hazard for everyone around.
How did we do? Are there any hazards around the pool that you think should be on this list? Share them in the comments! And please, follow along with us on Facebook!

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