A Kid’s Guide to Keeping Parents Safe at the Pool!

Are you heading to a resort with your kids? Maybe you’ll be swimming at a condo down South? Or, you’re just hitting up the community pool to help your kids burn off some energy?

As a parent, you know water safety is a top priority – but what about POOL SAFETY? As we head into the season for travel and pool parties, we wanted to create a refresher on the things to keep in mind to keep your kids safe in the pool…. and then they surprised us with a few tips of their own!

First on deck!

Kids shouldn’t be on the pool deck without adult supervision. When you’re heading to the pool, make sure the adult is the first one into the pool area. Most pools have gates – your kids should know the importance of respecting this boundary when you’re not around.

Know your limit, swim within it.

Only you and your child know what their strength is in the water. Supervision is a must, but some kids require more than others. If your child can’t swim a lap of the pool solo, you should be within arm’s reach of them whenever they’re in the water. And if need be, it’s always ok to bring along a floatation device for them to wear.

No horseplay.

This one might seem obvious, but it bears repeating. No funny business on the pool deck! It’s easy for kids to get excited when they’re on vacation or playing at the pool with their friends or siblings. But there are LOTS of hazards on the deck of the pool. Slippery puddles + concrete floors.. let’s not finish that equation! Even in the water, make sure play doesn’t escalate to a point where anyone feels unsafe.

So that’s it then. Those are the rules for keeping the kids safe at the pool, right?

But what about YOU? We know, you’re on vacation. You’re there to relax – but rules aren’t just for kids! Here are some guidelines for keeping your kids safe around the pool.

Eyes on the kids!

Time to supervise – no reading or texting. Oftentimes, pools at the resort or condo will be unsupervised and even when they are, two sets of eyes are better than one, right? Lifeguards are there to watch everyone, but you are there as the primary care for your kids!

Designate a water watcher.

You and your kids should always know who’s on hand to supervise when you’re at the pool. This way, they know who to go to if something goes wrong. If you ever need to leave, pass this responsibility off to another adult who you know will give their full attention to supervision.

Close the gate.

It’s easy for little ones to wander into the pool area, so make sure you’re the last one out and that you close that gate – It could mean the difference between life or death for your child or someone else’s!

What did we miss? What safety tips do you go over with your kids before heading to the pool? Leave us a comment to let us know. And please follow along with us on Facebook!

Happy swimming!

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The Art of Swimming

I’ve always questioned myself during trainings when I feel like I’m about to drown: why do I swim? This year, I got a golden  chance of competing as one of the future swimming captains. I swore to myself that if I did not get the position, I would just slack off in trainings, ignore the coaches, and naturally do my worst at competitions. I lost, by one vote.
A lot of times I desperately want to quit swimming. Why would I want to be involved in the most tedious and boring sport, experience aching cramps, and develop a masculine body shape? Yet however much I hate swimming sometimes, I could never imagine my life without it.


Swimming is not just a sport; it’s a part of my life- it is art! Although I swim countless laps every training, every movement, every swirl and twirl, is unique. Believe me or not, the prettier my stroke is, the faster I am. As I touch the water and glide through it, I feel the freedom that can’t be experienced in other ways. I am a good swimmer, but without the typical body, I know that I can never be a great swimmer. Yes, I like the attention I get when I lead my heat, and I like it even more when I occasionally; but what I like most is the way I can express myself through swimming.
And now, I think it’s safe to say: I actually, really, truly, love swimming.
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